A Shameless Adult Party Game

If you’re looking for a fun, fast-paced adult party game and think you’ll enjoy gleefully shouting ‘Bingo Bitches’ into your opponents’ faces, you should definitely buy Obscenity game.


What Is Obscenity?

Obscenity is a shameless adult party game – a fast-paced adult card game from the creators of Guards Against Insanity and Confessions. If you are easily offended, this is NOT for you!

How to play

The person with the filthiest mouth begins the game. They now have 60 seconds to get their team to guess as many phrases as possible.

Each Obscenity card has one easy, one medium and one hard phrase. Getting your team to correctly guess an easy phrase will earn your team 1 point. Medium phrases are worth 2 points and hard ones are worth 3.

Getting your team to guess all 3 phrases on a card is called ‘Bingo Bitches’ and earns you 2 additional bonus points. The team with the most points after 3 complete rounds wins the game.


You play in teams against the clock to describe or act out as many dirty phrases as you can without repeating any of the words on the card. It's a simple, fast-paced game which will make you laugh so hard, it's possible that a little bit of wee will come out.


The idea for Obscenity originated from playing a game of Cards Against Humanity around a year ago. One person asked what 'Feltching' meant and a girl proceeded to give a detailed description of what this sexual act entailed. It was one of the funniest moments of the entire evening and quite possibly, my life.


Another slightly older woman asked what a glory hole was and it was also highly entertaining watching several people try to explain this to her. This is the essence of what Obscenity is about. Trying to explain dirty sexual acts to your friends and watching their reactions.
Obscenity game Box cards

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Not Convinced Yet?

We know that Obscenity isn’t for everyone. That’s why we offer a free digital copy so you can see how obscene and fun it is before spending your hard earned cash buying the cards.